Walkers Do Us A Flavour

Walkers sales are through the roof at present with their #dousaflavour

What Is It?
Walkers, market leader in the UK, have been encouraging the public to come up up with a new ideas and now we are in the final stages.

The Finalists
The final 6 are Pulled Pork in a BBQ Sauce, Chip Shop Chicken Curry, Hot Dog with Tomato ketchup, Cheesy Beans on Toast, Ranch Raccoon and finally Sizzling Steak & Fajita.

What Have We Been Doing?
We’ve been running a variety in our machines and we’ve noticed just how popular they are. It’s really got the customers talking!

Sadly their competition have experienced a sudden dip in sales so it looks like the marketing tactic has been a huge success.

What Would We Like?
Us at Vending Glasgow are hoping the winner is Steak Fajitas!

What would you like to win?

We would love to hear your suggestions.


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