The new Irn-Bru XTRA

The New IRN-BRU XTRA   FOR over 100 years its producers have immovably declined to give away subtle elements of the mystery fixing in Scotland’s best national beverage. Bearing in mind the formula will remain a secret, the creators of Irn-Bru have … Continued

Christmas Offer

Christmas Is Near Approaching With Christmas just 46 days away the city begins to light up! The shops are packed and the temperature has plummeted. We forget that during these chaotic times, taking 5 minutes to yourself with a warm … Continued

Walkers Do Us A Flavour

Walkers sales are through the roof at present with their #dousaflavour What Is It? Walkers, market leader in the UK, have been encouraging the public to come up up with a new ideas and now we are in the final … Continued